Immigration Services

Business Visa Services

In most sub-Saharan African countries as well as in certain other locations through our Local Advisors, we offer business visa services and support.
These include: Up-front assessment of whether a business visitor visa or work permit is required, and strategic planning.
Preparation of business visa application support letters.
Advice on process requirements and related time frames.
Document procurement and authentication support.
Submission of applications or detailed submission guidance, where in-person filing is required by the traveler.
Follow-up with appropriate government agency and passport collection.
Guidance on anticipated processing times (where available).
Emergency assistance for urgent applications.
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Work Permit/Authorizations

For Businesses and Individuals, JBW can help you seamlessly manage the movement of your workforce, whether you are running a large multi-jurisdictional immigration program, or need assistance with immigration in a particular country or region. Designed to meet your need for comprehensive support, our full range of work permit and authorization services help to ensure process compliance with immigration regulations in more than 170 countries/territories worldwide.
These services include:
Application preparation and filing for temporary work and residence permits, entry clearances, entry visas and immigrant matters.
Visa issuance assistance.
Guidance on entry and departure procedures.
Guidance for successful security and medical clearance processing.
Guidance for complex cases, including advocacy before government agencies.
Advice on dependent and family member visa processing, ability to work matters, student-related matters and maintenance of status.
Our designated teams of experienced professionals take the time to understand your company’s business objectives, immigration goals and assignees. They communicate openly with you and your assignees throughout the immigration process, building trusted partnerships and providing holistic, customized support.
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Employment Verification

Our professionals around the globe understand country-specific requirements and best practices for implementing and maintaining a sound program:
Guidance on employment verification compliance and best practices.
Process, procedure and policy review and development.
Preventative employment verification audit and review.
Training for human resources professionals and teams.
Customized program design, management and support.
Representation in the case of government visits and investigations.
Sophisticated, online software solutions that automate process compliance and help protect you from risk.
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Compliance & Advisory

We act as a strategic partner to help you execute project needs through compliant—yet practical—immigration solutions. With an intensifying regulatory environment, businesses involved in corporate restructuring activities, large scale projects, back-to-back rotational assignments and exports face a unique set of challenges and compliance roadblocks in the cross-border movement of workers. We provide guidance and support to companies of all sizes on the immigration impact of these complex ventures.
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Consular Services

In countries where we have offices, and in certain other locations through our Local Advisors, we offer consular support including some or all of the following:
Consultation regarding visa eligibility and options, procedures at diplomatic posts and corporate strategy.
Comprehensive guidance throughout the consular process, including: scheduling visa appointments, preparing visa applications, making fee payments, filing visa applications (where permitted), detailed consultative services, and assistance with gathering and authenticating necessary supporting documentation.
Liaising with local posts to support our clients’ compliance with current processes, procedures and documentary requirements.
Expedited and high-touch VIP services, where permitted.
Compliance assessments.
Guidance on compliance with destination country immigration laws and regulations.
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Documentation Assistance

Our Document Services Team can help you secure documents from government agencies and law enforcement authorities from a wide range of countries. They take a centralized and proactive approach, utilizing strategic planning to bolster organization and streamline processes for success.
Our document services include:
Obtaining vital records, academic records, criminal history reports, and assignment documents for applicants and their family members.
Obtaining or authenticating corporate documents, including powers of attorney, technical services agreements, certificates of good standing and incorporation certificates.
Document legalization assistance.
Translation services assistance, where required.
Home-country/territory registration assistance of births or marriages abroad.
Consular assistance with document procurement and legalization matters.
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